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How To Claim Car Insurance Claim For Stolen Car

Car Insurance Claim Process for Stolen Car

The procedure for claiming insurance for stolen vehicles is as the following:

Step 1. If your vehicle is stolen , you’ll need to file an FIR making a complaint with the closest police station.

Step 2. A copy of the FIR should be provided by the insurer.

Step 3: When the police report has been given an email to the person you are dealing with, another copy of the report must be sent an insurance representative. An investigator will be designated by the insurance company.

Step 4: Once your claim has been approved You must then send the stolen vehicle’s RC book to your insurance company.

Step 5. The name of the owner is changed into that for the company that insures them.

Step 6. The duplicate keys to your vehicle will need to be handed over by the insurer with a subrogation form. An indemnity notarized on a stamp paper should be provided by the insurer.

Step 7: Upon conclusion of the formalities the amount of the claim will be paid to the insurer.

Documents and Details Required for Filing Car Insurance Claims:

These are the documents and details you’ll need to provide to your insurance company when making an claim:

  • The name of the insurance
  • Policy number
  • Contact number
  • The date and the time of the incident
  • Number of the car
  • Model and make of the vehicle
  • Loss location and the extent
  • The name of the garage is included along with contact details
  • A brief description of the incident

If there is an accidents The following documents are required to file an claim:

  • Proof of insurance – Cover note or policy
  • Original registration book and tax receipt
  • Driving license copy and an original (of the person driving the vehicle at the time of the collision)
  • FIR or panchanama police (for bodily injury or the death of a the property of a third party)
  • Estimate of the price of repair
  • Repair bills and payment receipts after the conclusion of repairs

In the event of theft of your vehicle The following documents will be required in order to submit a claim for damages:

  • The original policy or document
  • Registration book and the endorsement for theft of the concerned Regional Transport Office plus tax payment receipt
  • The details of the policy like the policy number, the period of insurance, as well as the insurance company
  • All sets of service books keys, service booklets, and warranty cards.
  • FIR, police panchanama or FIR together with JMFC report or the report of the final investigation
  • Acknowledged copy adresated to Regional Transport Office intimating theft

Benefits of Comparing Motor Insurance Online

  • Different insurance companies can offer different premiums and coverage. This is one of the reasons it is important to compare insurance policies. Review the quotes for insurance offered by various insurance companies to find the most competitive prices for your car.
  • It is possible to modify your policy if are comparing various quotes on car insurance. You can receive a customized quote depending on the amount of coverage you require.
  • Choosing to add ons could save you cash in the near future. Online tools for comparison are a great way to compare the various add-ons offered by insurance companies.

  • Many insurers offer discounts for insurance for the Own Damage part of the insurance for cars. It is possible to compare discounts offered by various insurers to determine which provides the most favorable discount for your car.
  • Comparing different policies on the internet can help provide you a clearer idea of the benefits and coverage that are available for your car. Comparing policies can assist you in understanding details about exclusions and deductibles that are included in an insurance contract.
  • The greatest benefit of comparison of policies is the level of transparent process. You will see clearly the diverse aspects of the insurance policy provided by the insurance company. Additionally, you will have access to testimonials on the policy by other policyholders in order to learn about their experience regarding the insurance policy.

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